About Us

At IPI we want to make sure you feel safe, comfortable and in control when making a decision on your measurement requirements. In this increasingly competitive industry, sales people will go to any length to discredit opposition products or companies, or use high pressure tactics to force you into a decision. Finding reputable knowledge and advice can be quite a challenge.

We have all been in a situation where we feel pressured by a sales person or unsure if their motives and recommendations are genuine. Quite often they could be trying to move old stock, meet a sales quota, or simply be offering a product which would see them paid a higher commission… rather than having your best interests at heart. Furthermore, many sales staff only have available to them a single product line or brand. No single brand can do everything well or be the best in every market segment.

At IPI we sell most of the major brands, giving our sales staff a wide range of resources to offer you. We will talk to you specifically about your application and how you intend to use the instrument to determine which products will meet your requirements. In most cases you will have the choice of several models and brands to choose from.

For those who are unsure or ill-equipped to make the decision by themselves we suggest undertaking quality training before making a purchase You may also want to seek the personal opinion of one of our qualified and experienced sales staff.

To ensure that you have ALL the tools to make an informed decision, ALL our staff are fully qualified, many with decades of real world experience in scientific test and measurement. With our in-depth knowledge of test and measurement equipment our goal is to provide you with accurate information so that you can make an objective decision for yourself.


  • Qualification: Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
  • Level II Certified Airborne Ultrasound

Brenton is a certified trainer, and holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne where he majored in business law and finance. Brenton also has a strong background in condition monitoring, IT/IS and systems integration. Since 1994 he has provided thermal imaging and airborne ultrasound services, training, and application solutions for a wide range of industries. Brenton is General Manager for Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltd and teaches in the use of condition monitoring technologies world-wide.


  • Qualification: Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
  • Level I Airborne Ultrasound

Garry is a Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® and professional infrared consultant specializing in Mining and Chemical Process Industries. Garry holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has worked in the Mining and Chemical and Petrochemical Industries for almost 40 years. Garry is the Director of Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltd and teaches Infraspection Institute Classes in South Africa and the Oceania Region.


Adam’s experience with Instrumentation and Process Control has seen him work with applications in many fields providing him with the depth to help you make the right choices in your instrumentation


Tamara is a veteran marketer with years of experience in advertising and marketing. Her passion and flair for communication facilitate informative websites that are clear, concise and accurate in their representations.


Kim is a Level II Certified Infrared thermographer and an experienced training coordinator who will ensure your learning experience with IPI Learning is a great one. She will provide you with all the support you need to enroll in our courses, access student resources and will assist you with any travel or accommodation requirements