Infrared Training

IPI Learning is a one-stop training centre for a range of Predictive Maintenance technologies, including Thermal Imaging, Vibration & Ultrasound.

We provide a comprehensive range of Predictive Maintenance training courses. From professional thermographers to in-house Maintenance Engineers, from Pest Inspectors to Building Inspectors, our Predictive Maintenance courses are designed to provide you with the skills you need to perform your surveys with confidence, competence and most importantly, results. We host a large range of courses including certification courses, workshops, refresher courses and online distance learning and flexible learning courses to meet the wide and varied needs of our customers. IPI Learning trains employees of large international corporations and stand-alone operators in cities all over Australia, providing the most comprehensive and progressive Predictive Maintenance training in the country.

For almost 20 years, IPI has provided expert Predictive Maintenance services, including training, sales support and professional consultancy to industry.

Our trainers are ALL certified with international and local certification bodies, have decades of real-world experience, and are qualified in training and assessment (TAE 40110) in Australia. We host training courses all over Australia, as well as at our Sim Centre training facility in Melbourne. Designed by PDM experts, the Sim Centre has been fitted with an extensive range of equipment designed to simulate real-world maintenance faults. This allows students to survey, identify and analyse the types of faults that they are likely to find in the field, whilst under the instruction and guidance of experienced trainers. We offer classroom training, online distance, flexible learning and on-site courses.

Infrared Thermography Training

IPI Learning’s Infrared Thermography training includes a huge range of courses, from workshops to certified Level I, II & III courses and application-specific courses. Students who complete the Level I course are eligible to sit the AINDT Certification exam.

All IPI Learning instructors are highly experienced, practising thermographers with infrared certification credentials. Each brings years of unmatched, real-world experience to the classroom. Our infrared training courses are taught using a combination of dynamic multi-media presentations, hands-on demonstrations and one-on-one interaction with students. We integrate theory, practice and case studies in a fun, relaxed atmosphere designed to maximize your learning experience.

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Airborne Ultrasound Training

IPI Learning offers an Airborne Ultrasound Level I training course, as well as a 2-day introductory workshop. Our trainers are certified ultrasound technicians, who are skilled and trained in all aspects of reliability maintenance. This unique level of expertise allows them to provide students with a big picture view of ultrasound as a function of reliability. IPI Learning’s Airborne Ultrasound courses are held in the Sim Centre in Melbourne so that students can take full advantage of the practical hands on-learning facilities and experience simulated real-world inspection scenarios that they are likely to encounter in the field.

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Vibration Analysis Training

IPI Learning offers Vibration Analysis training in the form of an ISO Cat 1 course. In this course, basic vibration theory is presented to give each student an understanding of vibration as it relates to machine condition, along with hands-on demonstration and class exercises designed to show proper data collection techniques. Measurement pitfalls are discussed, along with their adverse effect on machine problem diagnosis, and how they are critical to evaluating the severity of problems detected. This course is a 3.5-day introductory course, with students offered the opportunity to sit the AINDT certification exam upon completion.

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