CorDEX MN4000 Infrared Camera

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The MN4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager replaces the traditional infrared window in electrical panels.


The MN4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager incorporates dual vision; thermal and visual cameras which captures fully radiometric data every second. Don’t waste time traveling from location to location, log into your MN4000 remotely and inspect your electrical assets from your office using it’s onboard web server or using the dedicated MONITIR software. The MN4000 can also be incorporated into a PLC or SCADA based network with it’s industrial MODBUS/TCP communications protocol, enabling greater control and integration into your existing plant control network.

Protect Your Assets:

Ensure you never miss a problem again, monitor your electrical assets 24x7x365 with the MN4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager from CorDEX. Permanently installed into your electrical equipment, MN4000 provides continuous thermal monitoring, accessible using anything from a PLC control system to its onboard webserver with an everyday web browser.


Traditional IR Windows are “risk reduction”devices, they reduce the risk of an arc-flash being triggered by leaving the electrical equipment in its steady state, but, the risk still remains. What if an arc-flash occurs during an inspection? Even with an IR Window, the results could be fatal. With MN4000, not only is your thermographer never exposed to live equipment, the inspection could be undertaken without ever leaving the office. Onboard alarms can be configured to alert your infrared professional of a potential problem which can be inspected and diagnosed in absolute safety.

Standard PLC Code Provided:

No need to write complex Modbus/TCP communications code or analysis functions, at CorDEX we have already done the heavy lifting for you! Incorporating the industrial communication protocol Modbus/TCP, MN4000 is provided with prewritten PLC Function Blocks for major manufacturers to enable rapid integration with either an existing or new PLC network. Simply select the PLC manufacturer from the Support List, drop in the Function Block you require and you are ready to program.

Simple Installation:

100% retro-fittable into CorDEX IW 4000 mounting pattern, MN4000 chassis is mounted into the panel; 24VDC and Ethernet are connected, slot in the camera package and you’re in business. The camera package can then be removed and replaced without shutting down your equipment. Adapter plates for common IR Windows are available as custom options, please contact us for more information.


  • Measurement accuracy of +2°/2% from -10 to +120C
  • Easy to install and removable while live
  • Communicates with MODBUS/TCP, supplied with pre-written PLC Function blocks for communications, alarms, measurement & analysis
  • Provided as standard with CorDEX MONITIR Software for large scale deployments and analysis
  • On-board web server for point-to-point communication