CorDEX TC7000 Infrared Camera

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The TC7000 – Thermal imaging is a proven tool for predictive maintenance; however thermography in hazardous (explosive) areas has not been easily accessible due to certification restrictions.


Being the only certified intrinsically safe fully radiometric thermal imaging camera, the TC7000 means that this is now possible, removing the need to obtain hot work permits for Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 and M2 explosive areas.

Tough, safe and accurate, TC7000 is the thermal imaging camera of choice for oil, gas, mining, marine and dust environments where safety cannot be compromised.

The TC7000 now allows you to image crackers and heaters, missing or damaged pipe insulation, steam traps, motors, bearings, gearboxes, shaft misalignment, trace heating, flares, tank levels, condenser fins, heat exchangers, pumps, pipe and valve leakage, poor lubrication and safe area electrical switchgear.

Using the built-in RFID Scanner and CorDEX CONNECT™ Software you can now take predictive maintenance to a whole new level, whilst helping to decrease and eliminate downtime in known trouble areas. With CorDEX CONNECT™ you can simply manage your CorDEX equipment, edit images, analyse data, schedule maintenance and create reports.