Drager UCF 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Easy to use and with one-hand controls, this camera delivers excellent image quality even under extreme conditions.


Drager UCF 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera


Thermal imaging cameras by Dräger are valuable tools for lifesaving orientation when fire, smoke, and darkness make navigation difficult. Maintain your orientation and see where you are going as well as for finding persons or hotspots. Search and rescue will be significantly easier and safer in the future with the Dräger UCF 6000.


This camera is reliable even in the roughest and toughest environments and with the most demanding applications. Equipped with an almost indestructible casing, the Dräger UCF 6000 is heat-resistant and withstands usage-specific mechanical stresses with ease. Due to their high protection class of IP 67, Dräger UCF 6000 thermal imaging cameras are resistant to typical conditions encountered during an operation such as water and dust.


Using the Dräger UCF 6000 means one hand is always free: an invaluable plus with added freedom of movement for the user. The compact design and well-balanced low weight of only 1.3 kg make the camera easy to operate with just one hand. Its intuitive use allows for the reliable and safe operation of the camera even in difficult and stressful situations. A very sturdy attachable “crawling plate” permits the user to brace himself or herself on the ground without letting go of the camera. This as well as various carrying options offer optimal carrying comfort.