Drager UCF 7000 Thermal Imaging Camera

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See more and make better decisions with  the UCF 7000. Intrinsically safe reliable in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Drager UCF 7000 Thermal Imaging Camera


Thermal imaging cameras by Dräger are valuable tools for orientation when fire, smoke, and darkness make navigation difficult. Designed to maintain your orientation to see where you are going as well as for finding persons or hotspots. Whether “indoor firefighting” or “searching for a person” – various tasks can now be mastered optimally with the help of the new generation of Dräger UCF thermal imaging cameras.
The new development of the Dräger UCF 7000 thermal imaging camera provides a clear plus when it comes to safety and reliability, ease of use and decision-making assistance for demanding firefighting jobs. The camera is equipped with innovative functions to meet and satisfy today’s requirements for professional search and rescue and firefighting personnel. And while the Dräger UCF 7000 is very easy to use, it also delivers excellent image quality. Application-specific displays provide more clarity and facilitate assessment of a situation.


An explosive atmosphere may be prevalent especially for calls where there is no fire. This means the equipment used must not be a source of ignition. The Dräger UCF 7000 is the tool of choice even in these types of situations. The device is intrinsically safe and approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres including zone 1 according to ATEX.


This camera is reliable even in the roughest and toughest environments and with the most demanding applications. Equipped with an almost indestructible housing, the Dräger UCF 7000 is heat-resistant and withstands usage-specific mechanical stresses with ease. Due to their high protection class of IP 66 and IP 67, Dräger UCF 7000 cameras are resistant to typical conditions encountered during an operation such as water and dust.