Fluke TiX620 Infrared Camera

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Get crisp clear IR images with 640 x 480 resolution, advanced focus and a large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen.


Find your expert camera.

640 x 480 – at a resolution you can afford.


TiX620 O and G
TiX620 O and G

  • Get high measurement accuracy and precision images with 640 x 480 resolution
  • Work from safer distances. Get spectacular, detailed infrared images from a distance
  • See more detail in every image with the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen

TiX620 tank 1
TiX620 Tank 1

  • Save time focusing with advanced auto focus and manual focus
  • Take focus to the extreme and eliminate out of focus images. EverSharp takes a stack of IR Images at once and combines them into one fully focused image

TiX620 PCB inspection
TiX620 PCB inspection

  • Get real-time data collection with LabVIEW® and MATLAB®toolboxes
  • Capture high quality radiometric images and videos
  • Perform non-destructive testing


  • Conduct inspections from a safe distance and still get close-in shots with the 32 times on-camera digital zoom
  • Multiple image transfer protocols for your application: Supported camera data ports: SD card, GigE vision, RS-232, USB 2.0, DVI-D and composite video. Supported SmartView® software: SD card
  • Get precision blending with IR-Fusion® Technology
  • 8 MP visible light camera
  • Programmable buttons for quick access to most used features
  • Compatible with telephoto and wide angle lenses
  • MATLAB® and LabVIEW® compatibility allows users to integrate camera data, infrared video and images to support R&D analysis.
  • Subwindowing to 60 Hz frame rate for advanced applications (add on option)

What is Subwindowing?
Sudden and rapid temperature changes can be a critical part of certain analysis. Using infrared sequences a user is able to document and analyze multiple frames of data per second to better understand sudden temperature changes.

Available frame rate add-on:
384 × 288 (60 fps)