Fotric 123 Infrared Camera

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Fotric 123 promotes smart temperature-based algorithm to detect potential fire formation. The infrared thermal camera with professional infrared sensor (80*80 pixels) continually monitors and analyzes object temperature. Once it detects abnormal heating condition, the built-in fire alert algorithm analyzes the whole environment data and triggers fire hazard alarm if needed.


Real-Time Monitoring and Early Fire Alert

Fotric 123 features smart cloud-based program to monitor and send early fire alert. User can view the thermal video in real-time on the smartphone. When any unusual and suspicious temperaure

conditon occurs, the information is uploaded onto the cloud server and the fire hazard alert is instantly transferred to smartphone for user monitoring.

Detects Heat Regardless Lighting Conditions

Fotric 123 sees object’s surface temperature rather than visible light. Its intelligent algorithm minimizes false alarms due to ambient lighting, and therefore offers higher detection accuracy

regardless of surrounding light conditions. It can also detect thermal conditions in spite of smoke and fog to monitor potential fire hazards.

Protects Privacy

Infrared thermal imaging technology senses only objects’ temperature, with no visible details. Fotric 123 is effective in fire prevention while protecting privacy.

Disconers the World You Often Don’t See

Infrared thermal imaging technology supports better motion detection, especially under low-light conditons. Powered by AC-adaptor, Fotric 123 enables real-time alerts with uninterrupted

monitoring. You will start to discover may little surprises in everyday life.

Easy Operation

With only 3 easy steps, “install the hardware”, “download APP”, and “scan” just that simple to start monitoring.

24/7 APP Real Time Alerts

Powered by AC-adaptor, Fotric 123 enables real time alerts with non-stop monitoring. You can check every alert from your Fotric Cloud APP from anywhere.

Sharable for Multi-Users

Convenient account management system supports simultaneous monitoring form multi-users.