Fotric 222s Infrared Camera

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Fotric 222s universal thermal imager for engineers not only has hardware functions of a professional thermal imager, but it also adopts FOTRIC LinkIR APP, thus achieving a professional temperature measurement operating system. In addition, the thermal imager becomes more and more intelligent because of the cloud architecture embedded based on the mobile phone thermal imager, providing the engineers in all industries with a cloud storage function and remote collaborative operation.


Wide Temperature Measurement
Range And High Precision

Fotric 222s brings users more returns on their investment from maintenance, manufacture and R&D.

F1.0 Professional-Grade Large Aperture Variable Focus Red Circle Lens Achieves More Excellent Imaging.

For the purpose to improve imaging quality, Fotric 222s abandons the low-cost small aperture focus-free lens and adopts the red circle lens with a higher light flux, offering more energy to detectors; moreover, it uses the variable focus design, achieving sharper pictures.

Long-Term Online Thermal Image Analysis

The online thermal imager connects to PC and captures the full temperature variation process. It can record the whole process video of impact and ageing tests and the like with as many as 6,400 temperature data saved in a frame, with a recording time of up tosix months. In addition, it is beneficial for addressing defects, looking for improvement methods and promoting reliability.

12-Hour Ultra-Long Life Battery Avoiding The Trouble Of Frequent Charging

The low-power design endows the thermal imager host with a 12-hour battery life, allowing the user to be dedicated to work.

Mobile phone full-touch screen operation Industrial-grade design and firm USB interface

Fotric 222s is easy to operate and instant and it is available with zero learning-cost.