Fotric 226 Infrared Camera

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FOTRIC 226 is widely used in many applications and highly cost-effective infrared thermal imager, with 384 × 288 (110,592 pixels, 44% more than FOTRIC 225) detector resolution, a standard lens with the minimum detection distance of 0.15m (5.91inch). Paired with a macro lens of M50, it can achieve the minimum test distance of .043m (43mm, 1.69inch).


  • With LinkIR APP, you can use it as a hand-held thermal camera with your smartphone to perform
    inspection and test, create live reports on your mobile phone, and complete a variety of teamwork.
  • Professional thermal image/video analysis software, AnalyzIR can further analyze the data
    to fully meet the needs of MRO and R&D users.
  • It supports up to 1TB single fully radiometric thermal video recording, which helps R&D
    users to record the complete data for the entire experimental process.