IRISS CAP-VCH Infrared Viewing Window

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IRISS CAP-VCH Infrared Viewing Window

The Custom Application Panel (CAP) infrared viewing window solution from IRISS was specifically designed to exceed the demands of the industrial and building maintenance community.  The window panes are impact resistant and maintain a stable transmission rate.

The CAP series uses the same patented design and construction as the VPFR industrial-grade viewing panes – the ONLY impact resistant IR windows on the market today.

When you require a visual inspection at the same time as your IR inspection, the IRISS CAP-V Series should be your window of choice. There are a number of tests that have to be completed to allow the assembly to comply with the mandatory requirements of IEEE C37 20.0.a.3.6 and UL746C and the IR lens incorporated in the IRISS CAP series was designed to comply with these standards. IRISS now incorporates an impact resistant clear poly carbonate lens in the CAP-V that meets these mandatory impact, load and flammability requirements. (Something that NO crystal IR window can accomplish.)

The IRISS CAP-VCH series offers the ability to specify locking protective covers for your IR and visual Window. These are especially useful in areas of high traffic and protect the IR and visual viewing panes from impact, flying debris and dust.

Many applications in your facility may not be accessible to thermographers for “direct measurement;” or they may only be available for survey while not under full load. In either case, critical faults can easily be missed. For this reason, the NFPA 70B standard for Electrical Preventive Maintenance recommends direct thermographic measurement whenever possible. Direct measurement is now possible without the increased risk associated with removing covers or guards. Because the patented IRISS reinforced optic is flexible it can be bent and manufactured in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, there is almost nothing that is off limits to thermographers anymore.

Available in 3 standard sizes or contact us for a quote on custom dimensions.


  • Motor Commutator Block Inspection
  • Transmissive panels for metal cladding in switchgear
  • Mechanical guards
  • Large area IR windows for applications that are close to the window
  • Rotating Joints
  • Bearings
  • Virtually anything you need to inspect with an IR camera