IRISS IRID Emissivity Labels – 4 Shape Set

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Increase Accuracy and Speed of IR Surveys

IRID labels provide thermographers with measurement points with a known emissivity. These easily identifiable targets aid in focusing and provide a reference point for electrical engineers that are responsible for correcting the faults found during an infrared Survey. Elimination of guess-work and improved identification will improve efficiency and speed of surveys.

Thermographers, regardless of experience and skill level will improve the accuracy of measurements with high emissivity targets since the accuracy of a fault diagnosis is only as accurate of the data it is based on. IRID Labels eliminate the reflection and emissivity issues which are the most common causes of false-positive and false-negative diagnosis in electrical thermography.

These patented labels were developed by a Level III thermographer to solve identifications problems which are typical in electrical thermography. The Large labels were developed to identify bus bar joints in covered runs. They include a white box to record the joint number for easy communication with the electrician and to aid in trending data. Try using a glitter (or reflective) pen to make the notation stand out against the emissive background of the label. The shapes were developed to identify phase or to identify position of a breaker or connection among many similar ones.

IR-ID Features:

  • Permanent adhesive provides a fixed infrared target thus ensuring that measurements are made from the same point with the same settings for each infrared inspection.
  • 0.95 Emissivity eliminates reflection issues and provides a standard reference for meaningful comparisons and more accurate temperature calculations.
  • Variety of shapes provide easy identification of electrical phase or easy land-marking among multiple connections, breakers, starters, etc.
  • Made from PVC for chemical and moisture resistance.
  • Fixed targets make measurements trendable and consistent, while decreasing survey times.