IRISS VPFC-100 (IR) Infrared Window

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4 inch crystal window (viewing aperture 4″)


IRISS VPFC-100 (IR) Infrared Window

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) has long been used in research applications. It is acost-effective solution that performs well in controlled environments wherehumidity, chemical exposure, vibration and high frequency noise can beminimized or eliminated. The transmission rate characteristics of CaF2 areideal for higher temperature applications, short and medium wavethermography and for the visual spectrum where transmission rates are over90%. Long wave transmission rates will vary (typically between 50% and 60%)based on imager sensitivities at different wavelengths.

Industrial-Grade Performance

VPFC crystal infrared windows are primarily suited for research or laboratory applications where the environment is controlled and risk of impact is minimal.

VPFC Features

  • Transparent crystal allows for visual and UV (Corona Camera) inspections.
  • Calcium Fluoride does not meet impact requirements of IEEE for medium and high-voltage switchgear where any visual viewing pane in switchgear (Crystal IR windows are used for Visual as well as IR Inspections) above 1kV must undergo a mandatory impact test (IEEE C.37.20.2 section a.3.6)
  • Compatible with long wave and short wave IR imagers
  • Ultraviolet transmission compatible with corona cams
  • Fluoride-based crystals can be used in industrial environments, however, they are best suited for laboratory environments where moisture, humidity, vibration and high-frequency noise can be controlled, and where the imager can be periodically recalibrated to the transmission rate of the optic
  • Housing made of “switchgear-grade” plastics: insulated to 30kV/mm, non-conductive, and UL94 compliant