IRISS VPFR-50 (IR) Infrared Window

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2 inch polymer industrial window (viewing area 2″)


IRISS VPFR-50 (IR) Infrared Window

The IRISS Industrial-Grade VPFR series was specifically designed to exceed the industrial and building maintenance communities’ demands for impact resistant IR windows with a stable transmission rate.

The reinforcing hexagon pattern is constructed of an Aluminum Core with 2 coats of insulating, switchgear-grade nylon – the same material used in most contactors found on industrial switchgear.

The patented design, construction and materials used make the IRISS industrial-grade viewing panes the ONLY impact resistant IR windows on the market today.

Industrial-Grade Performance

The IRISS VPFR infrared windowsare the most robust infrared window solution available; and they offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry: an Unconditional Lifetime warranty


The VPFR passes all relevant impact tests due to their patented design and industrial-grade materials, and they maintain stable transmission rates in typical industrial environments.

Our clients are using the VPFR extensively in:

  • Substations (indoor and outdoor)
  • MCC’s
  • Motor termination Boxes
  • Mining applications
  • Oil Platforms
  • Refineries
  • Paper Mills
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Computer Data Centers
  • Steel Mills
  • Aluminum Plants
  • Etc…..