Portable DVR

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Spec Resolution: 720×480 720×576 640×480 (pixel for pixel raw video frame – no crop or scale) Format: NTSC or PAL Codec: Xvid Mpeg4 Bitrate:8000Kb/s (high quality mode – 4GB for 1 hour) Audio input: Internal/External Mic Playback speed: 1x 2x 4x 8x 20x (both forwards and reverse) SD Card: SDHC Card Class 10 recommended Other features One touch remote switch power up instant record to prevent that “I forgot to record” moment. Will keep recording even when video signal is lost (0v) or goes to static noise (reception lost). Also alerts with vibe when signal is lost. Video out/pass-through to PAL or NTSC video equipment possible while recording. Menu lock function Timestamp enable/disable Photo record mode Audio record mode Included Accessories Spare Batteries Car charger AV in/out cables One touch remote switch IR Remote USB cable Soft carrying case