Satir G95 Thermal Imaging Camera

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G95 is a High-Resolution detector providing accurate and reliable measurement performance with facilities of duo-vision and 4-point identification.


G95 is a High-Resolution detector with New user interface for intuitive and convenient operation. With total 110592 pixels, G 95 provide accurate and reliable measurement performance.It can save Thermal images and thermal videos with the USB real-time connection. These videos can be transferred to a PC in real-time for viewing, analysis and playback. It supports “Duo-Vision” images which aid better interpretation through thermal and visual blending. The user can move the infrared image overlay and alter the transparency to suit their application. The G95 has four methods to identify the target. The digital camera helps to visualize the target, the illuminator helps to light the target area in a dark environment, the laser pointer helps to pinpoint the target, and the thermal camera measures the temperature of the target.

G95 features:

  • High resolution, 384 x 288 detector
  • Easy to Operate with friendly Operation Interface
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Temperature measurement range of -20 to 600°C, up 2000°C (optional)
  • Thermal sensitivity of ≤0.05°C
  • USB real time thermal video recording
  • “Duo-vision” for better interpretation
  • Detachable 3.5″ TFT LCD with remote control