SOMO SM080-TIP Compact Thermography Solution

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The SM080 IP series brings new ideas and affordable prices to the fire prevention marketplace. Comprising of an IP based radiometric temperature measurement thermal camera, the SM080 IP series works in conjunction with dedicated control, alarm and reporting software.


SOMO SM080-TIP Compact Thermography Solution Product Features:

In-house solution:

  • Design/ Assemble of Lens/Module/Housing
  • Molded lens I New processing technology
  • Direct service center

Convenience features:

  • Digital signal(video + temperature)
  • Online(Network) real-time Monitoring/Alarm
  • Multi areas(points) Setting/Management

Apply optimized function:

  • Compact size(Dimension/Weight)
  • Various lens available(54Deg, 21Deg)
  • Housing for various

Applicability Scalability:

  • Integrated monitoring system
  • Easy to export for overseas (no restrictions)
  • Customized specifications(lens/housing/MMI)