Testo 875-2i Thermal Imaging Camera -SET

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A telephoto lens and field-interchangeable batteries make the 875-2i kit a valuable tool and help save time, energy and money.


Testo 875

Overview of the Testo 875-2i Thermal Imaging Camera – SET

The Testo 875-2i Thermal Imaging Camera – SET is a general purpose thermal imaging camera. You can carry out completely damage-free tests on materials and components. It allows you to visualize problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs. With the Testo 875-2i Thermal Imaging Camera – SET you can identify energy loss in building thermography, helping your customers to save on expensive heating costs. You, therefore, save time, energy and money in industrial thermography as well as in building thermography, and ensure more security all round.

Features of the Testo 875-2i Thermal Imaging Camera – SET

•  Built-in digital camera
•  Mount for interchangeable lenses
•  Wide angle lens 32ºx23º f1.0 minimum focus 10cm
•  Telephoto lens 12ºx7º f1.0 minimum focus 60cm
•  Lens protection filter
•  FPA detector 160×120, -20 to +280ºC, NETD <50mK
•  LCD 3.5″ with screen image interpolated to 320×240 pixels
•  SD card 2GB for approximately 1000 images
•  Pro IR software with integrated report creation, USB cable
•  Instruction manuals & calibration documents
•  Two Li-ion batteries with fast external battery charger
•  Mains unit, Soft-case & robust case