Testo 885-2 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Key Features:

Image quality: IR resolution 320 x 240 pixels
SuperResolution technology to 640 x 480
Thermal sensitivty <30mK

Site recognition | Panorama Image

Full Videometric function


Testo 885

The Testo 885-2 is a professional thermal imaging camera. You can carry out completely damage-free tests on materials and components. Thanks to the 320 x 240-pixel detector, in combination with the high-quality Germanium optics, the Testo 885-2 achieves an excellent image quality. This allows weak spots and problems to be reliably detected in industrial and building thermography. This means that even the smallest or very distant measurement objects can be thermographed very precisely.

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Detector size 320 x 240 pixels: 76,800 temperature measuring points for precise measurements and superior image quality

SuperResolution technology to 640 x 480 pixels: optional feature that enhances the image quality by a whole class. Makes the resolution of the thermal image four times higher

Built-in digital camera with power LEDs: ideal for allocating thermal and real images and for compiling perfect documentation for customers

Easy-to-use, ergonomic twist grip and tilt/swivel display

Thermal images can also be saved as JPEG

Special practical features of the thermal imaging camera for building thermography

30° lens for wide field of vision: the standard wide angle lens offers a wider angle of vision and provides the user with an at-a-glance view of the temperature distribution of the measuring object

Panorama image assistant: The panorama image assistant enables you to analyze and document an all-in-one image made up of several individual images when measuring larger measuring objects. This saves you from having to view, compare and catalog scores of individual images and also allows you to create complete building envelope images

Special measuring mode for detecting places where there is a particular risk of mold. The dew point in the room is calculated by manually entering the ambient temperature and humidity. The dew point is then compared to the surface temperature which the camera has measured. The traffic light colors (red, yellow, green) on the display show where there is the greatest the risk of mold.


Special features for industrial thermography

SiteRecognition technology: for recurring thermography images of similar objects. The SiteRecognition technology recognizes the measurement site and automatically allocates and archives the thermal images

Optional high temperature measurements up to 1 200 °C: The high temperature option allows you to increase the measuring range flexibly up to 1 200 °C

Process analysis package a combination of fully radiometric video and sequence storage in the camera enables you to carry out cable free measurements making it infinitely easier to handle the camera

Please view the Brochure on the download Tab to view technical data for the Testo 855-2 thermal imager