TT384F Thermal Imaging Camera

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The Turtle Tough TT384 is your ideal thermal imaging camera in electrical inspections, mechanical maintenance and building diagnostics.


The TT384 is Turtle Tough Infrared’s newly launched entry-level thermographic IR camera and its rugged, practical and performance oriented.
The highlight of TT384 unit lies in the application of the Turtle Tough¬† MIF thermal image enhancement technology, which intelligently integrates the visual information into the thermal infrared image in real time. More than that, it’s PIP mode in MIF makes the TT384 find heating up locations efficiently.
With the 4″high light touch screen, the TT384 enables instantly fingertips’ tap with high precision; The built in WIFI connects the TT384 camera to smartphones and tablets, which make remote control and detailed temperature analysis in mobile terminals possible.

TT384 Features & Benefits:

  • 4″high light touchable screen of 800×480 resolution
  • Share images and findings by WIFI app communication with mobile terminals
  • Integrates visual information into thermal infrared image intelligently, MIF technology which makes troubleshooting more efficient
  • Multiple wide lens and tele lens for optional choice
  • HDMI port supports output of HD stream live video
  • IP54 encapsulation, 2m drop test certificate